Secure Information Exchange for Your Agency

When you work with clients who are storing highly sensitive information, it is essential for your company to is able to trust a secure data exchange. You can minimize the risk that the data of your client will be compromised or stolen by malicious actors by having a strong security strategy and regular training. This will help you ensure your clients’ trust and ensure compliance with different laws, including GDPR and HIPAA.

Secure information exchange is the use of digital technologies that enable confidential transfers of documents between businesses and their customers or clients over the internet in a secure way. Typically, these solutions don’t require users to sign up for an account or install software to download documents. They use distribution protocols which don’t reveal the username or address, making them an alternative to messaging and email.

A secure document exchange platform is a reliable and secure way for businesses to share large files, such as PDFs, with clients. This is particularly important for those who have to communicate information that is confidential or private for instance, medical professionals with their patients or financial institution with their customers. Secure file transfer solutions permit professionals to transfer documents in a safe manner while providing accountability and visibility for administrators. The Thru solution, a shining example of a security solution of this type that’s inexpensive and easy to implement is a perfect example.

Virtual Data Room Providers

Virtual data rooms are exclusive software products for businesses that help reduce cyber threats and protect sensitive files. They are becoming indispensable for due diligence, M&A and other business transactions. However there are many differences between VDR providers. VDR providers are made to be the same. They differ in terms, storage capacity, and cost. Some provide additional services to make the transaction easier.

A reliable VDR provider will provide an online repository that is secure as well as solid security features, including two-step authentication sessions, session timeouts and location restrictions, document watermarking, view-only modes screen-blocking, access to user rights that are granular, as well as a variety of options for downloading documents. Additional features, including customizable dashboards and an integrated e-signature tool increase productivity. The most effective VDRs offer a high uploading speed, virus scanning and numerous storage options.

Some VDRs are focused on specific industries. For instance, some provide solutions to ensure compliance for biotech and medical businesses. Others are designed to facilitate M&A due diligence. SmartRoom for instance, is a VDR designed for M&A that simplifies deal-makers life by providing features such as the single sign-on of all parties involved in the transaction, redaction built-in as well as a variety of project-management tools.

Other VDRs are specifically designed for certain industries, such as accounting, real estate, and law. These applications require regular transfer of documents, which must be secured from unauthorised access. Construction of a building is a good example, where contracts are exchanged with several contractors at the same time. A good VDR allows these documents to be stored and accessible to remote users.